Evoscan to Logworks Converter
Evoscan to Logworks Converter
Posted by 640774n6 on May 12th, 2014
While learning to tune my Talon using the Evo 8 ECU, I found I didn’t like the log viewing in Evoscan. Don’t get me wrong, Evoscan is super powerful and other than needing to update/change their icon (winxp connected world icon), I think it’s a great piece of software. I found that I liked using Logworks to view my logs recorded with Evoscan.

After some Googling, I found a number of projects that would do the conversion.

The first was an online implementation. You upload your log, it would do the conversion, then give you a download link to the converted file. It did work, but I found that it would fail sometimes and you had to have an internet connection which isn’t optimal for huge logs.

The second was a project on Google Code called evoscan2logworks. It uses some vbscript and html to do the conversion process in Internet Explorer. This was also very buggy and complicated and required Windows and Internet Explorer which is definitely not an optimal situation. I’m not a fan of any software that requires Internet Explorer…

So after trying out all of the available solutions, I decided that it was necessary to roll my own. I just wanted a basic C code CLI. Evoscan logs go in, Logworks logs come out. So after a few nights of coding and testing on various log files, evoscan_logworks_conv was born. You can also find the source on Github here.
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