Posted by 640774n6 on March 22nd, 2013
I find sometimes that the hardest part of a project is choosing a name. I like to have a name set before I write any code so that I can keep a consistent naming scheme (NextStep: NSObject, NSString, ect). I spent sometime coming up with the name “OBDroid”, but it would seem that it is already taken. So I spent even more time and renamed the project to “DashDroid”. This time doing a google search before writing any more code.

Above is the latest screenshot of the UI implemented and running on my android tablet. As you can see the UI has changed a bit. Functionality is coming along. Finished “blind coding” the OBD2 stack tonight, I just need to test it (Of course its going to work first try! I mean, come on, it compiled!). So after I work out the bugs with that, I will just need to code the “WTF” Diagnostic Trouble Code Reader / Clearer. All in all, I’m pleased with it so far. Will be a sexy addition to my Talon’s dash once it is finished.
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