Converts Evoscan CSV to Logworks DIF
Version 0.1 - Download - Source
evoscan_logworks_conv converts csv data logs created by Evoscan to the dif log format used by Logworks. I wrote this code mainly because I prefer the log viewing experience in Logworks, but I love the datalogging capabilities of Evoscan. It relies on libcsv for the csv parsing. It is implemented in C and should compile on most major operating systems. You can convert logs from the command-line or by simply dragging and dropping the log file onto evoscan_logworks_conv.exe.

evoscan_logworks_conv is still being tested and is by no means perfect. I am not responsible for any damage you do to your vehicle by referencing logs created by this software. Use at your own risk.
Apple TV 5.0+ Custom Plugin Loader
Version 0.2(Turbo Manatee) - Source
Espresso is an Apple TV 5.0+ custom plugin loading solution. It will load frappliances and do the necessary heavy lifting to get them into the new menu system.

Espresso is not meant as a replacement for Dustin Howett’s beigelist. It exists only in source code form for educational and historical reasons. Code from Espresso is currently being used in the latest version of aTV Flash by FireCore, LLC.
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Apple TV 2G+ VNC Server
Version 0.8.2(Mega Pug) - Download - Source
Exposed is a VNC server for the Apple TV 2G+ user interface. It relies on libvncserver to do most of the heavy lifting. Exposed attempts to use IOSurface’s to get your screen data, but this requires that your Apple TV be connected to a TV via HDMI. If no IOSurface’s are found, Exposed will use a fallback method which still works but lacks certain graphical effects and animations.

Exposed is currently being used in the latest version of the Apple TV Jailbreak Seas0nPass developed by Kevin Bradley for FireCore, LLC.
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Native Apple TV Web Browser
Obtained by FireCore, LLC - Download
Couch Surfer is a native web browser for the Apple TV written using the WebKit rendering engine. You can scroll through web pages and interact with them. It also supports web plugins like flash.

I started Couch Surfer as a hobby project and has since been obtained by the good people at FireCore, LLC. They still provide a free version for download.
Native Apple TV Skype Plugin
Version 0.1 (1.1) - Download
SkypeTV is an Apple TV front end for the Mac version of the Skype Application. It uses Skype’s powerful and well documented API to obtain information, set preferences, make calls, ect.

The current version is really outdated and will only run on an Apple TV 1G with the 1.1 firmware. This remains here for historical reasons. I am currently working on a firmware compatibility update that will also include video support via usb webcam.
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Apple IR Remote Emulator
Version 0.5 - Download - Source
Mac OS X kernel extension for emulating HID command reports sent by an Apple Remote. This gives you the ability to control your Mac or Apple TV (1G) via sysctl variable.

I am not responsible for any problems that this driver may cause. I am also not responsible for any illegal uses of this driver. Big thanks to Evan Schoenberg for implementing button holds as well as making it Leopard compatible. Source will be available soon via Github.
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