Ding Dong The Atrix is Dead
Ding Dong The Atrix is Dead
Posted by 640774n6 on January 10th, 2013
Samsung Gio running Android 4.2.1 (Jellybean)
My Atrix finally bit the dust (again) with screen related issues. It had a rough life. It survived being pulled into a lake with me, it wen’t with me to Fiji + Australia surviving the highly corrosive environments there, it was hacked, smashed, dropped, thrown, and had a screen replaced twice. The screen and home button broke on me from yet another drop (I play hard).

It’s been a great phone, but I feel like we’ve had our time together. It’s time to move on. So I wen’t and picked up a Samsung Gio (GT-S5660 to be precise) for $100. After rooting/unlocking and installing ClockWorkMod Recovery, I was able to get an Android 4.2.1 (jellybean) rom running on it smooth and stable. So far I’m quite pleased for $100, but we’ll see how it holds up to my life…
Paul T
Ding, dong, Atrix is dead! Which Atrix? THE DEAD ATRIX!!!
Posted on February 27, 2013 at 7:29 am
Classic! Now all you need is a gravatar ;)
Posted on February 27, 2013 at 7:34 am
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